10 African Startups to Participate In a 12-week Program Initiated by Google for Startups UK

Ten African startups specialize in technology has been selected by Google for Startups UK to join its 12-week program. It is designed to connect the startups with the Google expertise and the London startup ecosystem, helping to boost socio-economic impact in the countries they operate in. 

The selected startups include 54gene (Nigeria); Fieldinsight (Nigeria); Kwara (Kenya); Okhi (Kenya); Paps (Senegal); PayGo Energy; PiggyVest (Nigeria); Thank U Cash (Nigeria); Thrive Agric (Nigeria); and Voyc (South Africa). 

The initiative was started by the Africa Immersion program on September 3, 2019, with the support of the Google for Startups team. The program aims at connecting potential African early-stage startups to the London capital ecosystem. 10 African Startups to Participate In a 12-week Program Initiated by Google for Startups UK via

The selected startups will participate in a 12-week program in which founders will get access to Google tools, expertise, and mentoring in which what they need the most. Additionally, it also helps to drive sales, advising on marketing strategies, troubleshooting a product issue, as well as support them with fundraising. 

They will spend a week program in London then go back to their home countries and continue the program. At the end of the program, there will be a founder graduation event held in November in Lagos,  

Besides being supported by Google for Startups UK, the program is also supported by serial entrepreneur Marta Krupinska, as well as program led Mariama Boumanjal and the team.

Google for Startups UK via

Commenting on the program, Marta Krupinski said: “We created this program because we believe that London became the Silicon Valley of Europe because of its access to funding, talent, and startup experience. At the same time, we recognize that there is an incredible wealth of passion, talent, and opportunity in less developed startup ecosystems.” 

“We want to help exceptional African founders and their teams connect to the ecosystem in London and tap into the opportunities here while they continue growing their businesses in their home countries and create local success stories and employment,” Krupinski concluded.


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