DOWNTOWN AFRICA is an online magazine published and distributed by Downtown Africa Media and Entertainment Limited.  The magazine is the brainchild of collaboration between African professionals in the Diaspora and local African professionals.  Our goal and focus are to collect, publish, and distribute positive news and updates about Africa and Africans.  Unlike the western media which often likes to showcase negative and unpleasant news about Africa, DOWNTOWN AFRICA works to attract tourism and investments to Africa by showcasing the accomplishments and positive sides of Africa and Africans.

Some of the stories and articles we publish are original materials, while others are materials that were created, published, and/or distributed in various local media and submitted to us by our iReporters from African countries.  In all cases, the opinions and sentiments expressed in the materials are those of the original creators and publishers rather than those of Downtown Africa Media and Entertainment Limited.  If you have questions, comments, or wish to become one of our iReporters, you may contact us at