African Energy Week to Present Opportunities in Africa’s Power Sector

Three new VIP speakers have just been confirmed for the highly anticipated African Energy Week (AEW) 2021, taking place in Cape Town on the 9th-12th of November. Confirmations by Kola Karim, Managing Director and CEO of Shoreline Energy International, Steven Brann, Senior Investment Manager at Vitol, and Kevin Okyere, CEO of Springfield Group further position the conference as Africa’s premier energy event. Serving as key players in the African energy industry and in line with AEW 2021’s agenda to promote the role of Africa in the global energy transition, Karim, Brann and Okyere will drive a productive discussion on the challenges and opportunities present in Africa’s power sector, as well as the role of natural gas and availability of financing in Africa’s energy transition.

Considered one of Nigeria’s most successful entrepreneurs, Karim is both the founder and CEO of Shoreline Energy International, an indigenous power solutions company focused on power generation and power equipment manufacturing activities, operating throughout sub-Saharan Africa. With extensive experience in construction, commodity trading, oil and gas, engineering and the power sector, Karim is well-versed on Africa’s energy industry and committed to driving investment and growth across Africa’s power and energy sectors. With a focus on developing reliable and sustainable power supplies and creating integrated energy solutions throughout sub-Saharan Africa, Karim’s participation will foster dialogue on Africa’s power sector, addressing key concerns and offering feasible solutions to expanding regional power networks and driving industrialization.

Meanwhile, as Senior Investment Manager at Vitol – an energy and commodities trader involved in exploration and production, refining, terminals and trading – Brann is committed to driving investment in Africa’s impressive oil and gas sector. With a focus on gas and power solutions, Brann will advance discussions on natural gas monetization, challenges associated with the financing of Africa’s large-scale LNG projects and the value of gas as a transitionary resource. Driving a strong narrative that access to power is key to Africa’s industrialization, Brann will promote gas-to-power as a viable alternative power generation solution that can boost socioeconomic growth continent-wide.

In line with AEW 2021’s recognition of the growing role of natural gas, participation from Okyere from Springfield Group – the Ghanaian exploration and production firm responsible for a series of historic discoveries offshore Ghana – will contribute to discussions on natural gas’ place in Africa’s energy future. With a focus on exploring cleaner sources of energy, Springfield is committed to developing its natural gas fields and accelerating gas-to-power developments to fast-track Africa’s industrial revolution and economic transformation. Accordingly, Okyere’s participation proves particularly valuable, as he will be able to provide an Africa-focused narrative on natural gas monetization and utilization, backed by experience and success in Ghana’s sector.

“We are proud to announce that Kola Karim, Steven Brann and Kevin Okyere have all committed to AEW 2021. These industry leaders will contribute to AEW 2021’s natural gas agenda, further promoting the value and benefits of the resource not only in Africa’s energy transition, but in spurring economic growth, promoting energy sector development and alleviating energy poverty by 2030,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

Karim, Brann and Okyere are all committed to the same objective: transforming Africa’s energy sector to drive industrialization and economic growth. AEW 2021 unites multiple stakeholders from varying industries, providing a valuable platform for discussion regarding Africa’s energy future, against a backdrop of integration and engagement. AEW 2021 believes in unity, partnerships and cooperation as the key to African energy success and is proud to host a variety of VIP speakers under one forward-thinking agenda.

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