African youth urged to claim their digital identity

AFRICA will only achieve its stated socio-economic goals if youth fully participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

That is according to the Registry Africa (RA) Limited, the administrator and developer of the fledgling Africa geographic Top Level Domain (gTLD).

Lucky Masilela, Chief Executive Officer of RA, said claiming their digital identities within the web’s Africa and ZA cities namespaces should be the number one digital resolution for smart young Africans in 2020.

He was speaking ahead of RA’s upcoming Asante Sana (Thank You) promotion, which would see the reduction of the wholesale price of the Africa, Joburg, Capetown and Durban domain names.

“The growing importance of one’s own presence on the web means that constructing a digital persona anchored on a suitable African domain name should be a priority for the progressive and ambitious online citizen,” Masilela explained.

He said in cyberspace, few domain names offered the same prestige as a .Africa domain.

“We want people to look beyond simply having a digital presence in the form of one -dimensional social media platforms. As Africans, let’s build multilayered digital identities for ourselves that pivot on Africa, our own hard-won corner of cyberspace.”

Since the task given it by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to administer .africa, RA has enabled the registration of over 23 000 .africa domain names.

There will be likely an upswing in .africa domains registered as the Asante Sana Promotion kicks off on February 1.

The annual price promotion is intended to thank RA’s RaR retail partners who have contributed immensely to “connect Africa to the world and the world to Africa.”

“While our February 2020 promotion is aimed at thanking our retail partners for their sterling work in helping RA to grow the African domain name ecosystem, the individual domain name registrant should be the real winner next month and we urge our RaR partners to pass on their expected savings to the end user,” Masilela said.


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Written by Sekyen Jessica

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