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In furtherance of its corporate philosophy of “Kyosei,” Canon Corporation has continued to train and empower Systems Integrators (SI) and Value-Added Resellers (VAR) in Africa.  According to Cannon, Kyosei, which is the Japanese word for “living and working together for the common good,” is always demonstrated in the company’s relationships, as well product designs, manufacturing processes and commitments to the environment.  

The company’s present efforts and program are focused on helping its business partners to deliver fully integrated solutions to customers.  This is done through ongoing communication and training to ensure that the business partners fully understand how the company’s products can provide complete solutions to customers.  This program has already been launched in Egypt and Nigeria and is now being expanded to other African countries. 

In fact, Canon’s new extended warranty program and i-Sensys compact laser printers are now available in Africa.  With the i-Sensys printers, African consumers are able to experience the same state-of-the-art technology and next-level home and office printing that are available in North America and Europe.

Canon says that its program will help it expand across Africa through empowering business partners to grow, gain more knowledge of its products, and achieve more efficiencies that would lead to profits and business opportunities.  The program components include loyalty awards, product trainings and business strategies that are designed to enable Canon’s partners to offer superior solutions and services to customers.  All Canon partners are eligible to sign up for the program by simply committing to a structured plan for growth.  Once they sign up, they can access the company’s best practices, training programs and growth strategies.  Each partner is encouraged to work towards a set of goals.  And in return, Canon provides rewards and other incentives to the partners.

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