East Africa Welcomes Mobiclicks

Mobiclicks, a South African mobile advertising company, sees East African opportunities and potential engagements as the company launched its first branch outside of South Africa. With its new operational branch situated in Nairobi, Kenya, Mobiclicks aims to manifest their strategies towards the affordable internet connection—as well as the impressive economic growth—of the region. As the company’s regional leader of East Africa, Mobiclicks appoints Allen Kambuni to bear such a responsibility.

Shaun Rosen, CEO of Mobiclicks, professed that Nairobi would be a suitable successor to Johannesburg and Cape Town regarding sustainable technology development—in this case, mobile marketing methods. Within this idea and movement, the commonly-renowned African Renaissance wouldn’t just be another anecdote. Moreover, with Allen now finally on board the company, Mobiclicks is looking to a brighter future for both the firm and the region; not just in South Africa, but also in Kenya (and other African countries to come).

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Kambuni, in return, regarded that the ICT sector of East Africa is deemed ample for opportunities to grow; both local technical talents and foreign investors can benefit from this feasibility of a platform. Individuals and companies operating in the fields of mobile advertising services would really miss out—big time, I might add—for not pitching in the promising, newly-embedded ecosystem.

Furthermore, Kambuni also spoke:

East Africa is a multilayered region, not a single homogenous country and there are complexities involved in successfully navigating the market for mobile advertising products and services.

In approaching potential customers in the future, Kambuni plans to blend a mix between conventional and contemporary approaches as the notion’s ground foundations. Media will also play a substantial role in collaborating with Mobiclicks’ future plans—effectively and seamlessly reaching out to new customers in the market.


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