Ethiopia: Research to Facilitate Leather Industries Development, Help Reduce Pollution

ADDIS ABABA – A recent research sponsored by Leather Industry Development Institute (LIDI) and Ethiopia Leather Industry (ELICO) revealed that there is ample opportunity in Ethiopia to reuse and produce commercial products from leather industries’ solid and liquid wastes.

The five research findings have shown the possibilities of reusing and producing commercial products from solid and liquid wastes in leather industries. When the findings are implemented, they are expected to highly facilitate leather industries development and minimize environmental pollutions from leather industries’ wastes said Berhanu Serjabo, Institute Communications and Public Relations Directorate Director.

The institute has sponsored six pieces of research, of which five have come up with effective solutions with possibilities to recycle 85 to 90 percent of leather industry wastes. Besides reducing environmental pollution, recycling will enable the production of new commercial products and the creation of ample job opportunities. It is also expected to save the hard currency the country spends on importing chemicals.

Generally, the research findings have indicated ways of how concerned bodies in leather industries should operate in an eco-friendly manner without incurring additional costs to dispose wastes and import chemicals for processing.

The results of the research would be implemented in leather industries that have third level sewage treatment which will significantly reduce the annual cost for water. This will contribute its part in bringing about efficiency in water utilization.

The proposed actions by the findings among others include preparing organic compost from tannery fleshing waste, reusing of wastewater and salt and producing glue from the waste.

To see the implementation of the project, the institute is closely working with ELICO. The findings will first be implemented at a pilot project before they are expanded.

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