Ethiopia: Timely Execution Deserves Standing Ovation!

Yesterday marks a milestone in Ethiopia’s capacity to timely completion of flagship projects. Sheger Park’s Friendship Square was completed in spectacular ceremony. Indeed, a shanty place turned a paradise.

The park is not a mere green project; it is about a solid determination and marvelous execution. Unlike previous projects, the inauguration of the square is a clear indication how we can change once a shanty place into an absolute a living paradise. The success of Sheger Park and all the beautification process are mirrors of how we are committed enough to accomplish what we started within scheduled time.

The country had been through several challenges, but none of them has prevented it from materializing is aspiration including the square which gives Addis a deserved scene. The square is a stark indication that nothing is impossible if there is resolve and big ambition. This achievement is a boon and encouragement to other projects on the pipeline.

Converting once a shabby area in to park needs common vision, commitment and will. In this respect, the Sheger Park is a sign how we Ethiopians can exert our time and energy for the good of others. We have already showed the world how we can make a difference. The GERD filling and the Sheger Park are also the manifestation of unshakable determination.

The New Year will have so much to witness from GERD second phase water filling and first phase water generation to the eco-friendly projects. In this regard, last year’s progresses are morale and our weaknesses are lessons. This how we should shape the future and get the job done.

Having such a beautiful park in front of the National Park is also a good indication to give a lesson for the new generation to preserve history, commitment and hard work. Addis Ababa has several tourist destinations.

The realization of Sheger Park into its scenes further enhances the tourism potential of the city and would be an add up to the scenery of the metropolitan What is more, as a hub of the African Union, the Park will provide diplomatic communities and our African brothers and sisters an opportunity to see how Ethiopia’s future is rosy towards beautifying the diplomatic epicenter.

The great strides being witnessed in the country must be repeated in other arenas not only in our development project but also in resolving our political conundrums, fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and fostering economic development. The road to neigh height is full of bumps, but the final destination is for sure inevitable. In this regard, while we cherish the Sheger project’s square completion, we also continue with rejuvenated moral to finale ongoing development projects and upcoming ones.

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