Liberia Launches Website That Synchronize Climate Change Information

The Acting Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia (EPA) Randall M. Dobayou on Tuesday September 23, 2020 launched a new website dubbed as the ‘Climate Change Knowledge Sharing Platform’ (CCKSP) that facilitates easy access to relevant climate information, data, events, and training courses.

Built in December 2019 by Resilience; an international firm, the CCKSP (( synchronized existing climate information platforms used in other government departments will allow national, regional and international networks and research institutions to connect and access the same climate information.

The new platform which is being hosted by the EPA was built by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with funding from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) would serves as a repository of knowledge products, which will contribute to the sustainability of the National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) project.

It is also designed to contribute to the sustainability of national adaptation efforts in general by creating highly accessible information systems and strengthening capacity for knowledge sharing between different groups during and beyond the lifetime of the current project.

Speaking at the launch of the platform in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, EPA Acting Executive Director Dobayou said the website is for Liberia and for all Liberians because “it is a knowledge platform exclusively dedicated to professional actors, students and policymakers”.

 Mr. Dobayou emphasized that the platform also has information on climate change and on how these very information would affect gender, energy, fishery, forestry, transportation, weather, water, waste and other socio-economic activities.

He disclosed that the website has several features including a column for children named ‘kids corner’ where climate information would be made very simple for children.

“Today, I am glad that we have completed a long journey which was initiated considering the limited capacity for knowledge management which we identified during the stocktaking exercise for Liberia National Adaptation Plan five years ago,” he said.

According to him, after identifying such need, it was concluded that it was urgently necessary to develop.

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