...Showcasing all things good about Africa and Africans

...Showcasing all things good about Africa and Africans

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Here’s a List of Top 50 Women in Corporate Africa

In a major virtual summit with over 1,000 high level attendees, Africa.com revealed the names of the 50 most senior women in Corporate Africa. The Africa.com Definitive List of Women CEOs is distinguished in that it is data-driven. The researchers started by working with data provided by Bloomberg, and evaluating the over 1,400 companies listed […] More

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Interview with Atty. Jude Menes, Chief Legal Counsel of Planet Startup

In his role as Chief Legal Counsel of Planet Startup, Atty. Jude Menes helps young entrepreneurs in Africa make informed decisions on growing their business ventures. In this episode, Atty. Menes talks about his strategic role in Planet Startup, the capacity-building interventions the organization is doing in Africa, future initiatives of the organization, and his […] More

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Why we left America to live in Africa – BBC Africa documentary

Brian, Rukiya and Marcus don’t know each other but all three have decided to leave their home in the US and move to Namibia, Tanzania and Uganda respectively. While some African Americans recently relocated because they see Africa as a safe haven from racism, others say they moved for their children. In 2019, a number […] More

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Nestle Zone EMENA, which includes the North African region, has joined other business leaders across the food industry to support ambitious action by the European Union to increase supply chain transparency and traceability for commodities that may be linked to deforestation. In the joint statement signed by 11 companies, including Nestle Zone EMENA, the group […] More

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