New mobile app helps Kenyan farmers thrive

FarmSmart, in partnership with London-based technical consultancy Amido, announced earlier this week that it has launched an innovative mobile app that not only shares essential, sustainable and climate-smart farming knowledge to Kenyan farmers but also provides tailored recommendations for farmers based on location, soil type, season and irrigation access.

With an easy to use UX, the app provides an immersive learning experience, taking the user through all stages of the growing process, including identifying pests and diseases, making organic pesticides, right through to post-harvest tips. Also, the app includes links to chat groups, allowing the farmers to communicate, share information and eventually sell their produce.

“At Amido we believe that technology, and particularly its ability to empower people with greater knowledge and understanding of the world around them, has a massive role to play in helping us live more sustainable, and have a low impact and environmentally responsible life,” says Amido CEO, Alan Walsh.

“The FarmSmart project has been a very significant CSR investment and is an example of how our technology has a positive impact, by helping embed sustainability into communities all around the world.”

“FarmSmart is a powerful tool that revolutionises how organisations working with farmers disseminate sustainable farming content. For farmers, it recommends what to grow and takes them through how to grow the recommended plot or crop. Through its easy to use the platform and immersive content, FarmSmart is about empowering anyone to be an agri-entrepreneur,” says FarmSmart’s founder, Alia Malik.

The FarmSmart app is now available for download from the Google Play Store or by visiting the FarmSmart website.


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