Nigerian Man Invents a Smokeless Stove that Can also Charge Phones

As times are changing, and being accompanied with different consequences for the planet, innovation from Africa remains abounding. A Nigerian man Max Chinnah has invented a smokeless stove that serves the primary purpose of cooking but at the same time, it can also charge phones. 

With a genuine and deep desire to contribute something meaningful to the planet, Max Chinnah patented the stove with the help of his partner, Attigah. He expressed his hope that the smokeless stove will change lives not only in Africa but in other parts of the world too. The ambit of his company, Terraoak, is to provide rural Kenyan farmers with 1,000 units of the smokeless stove. They also want to market the product to people who are enthusiastic about camping outdoors. 

 Nigerian inventor Max Chinnah has invented a smokeless stove that can also charge phones.
Image credit  – Hope For Nigeria

At the core of this daring and pioneering venture is a zeal and hunger to save the planet by ensuring a greener environment free from the menacing reality of global warming. And the motive for this, according to Max Chinnah, is none other than the need to help people and transform their lives so that they enjoy a better living. 

The striking feature about the smokeless stove is that it is equipped with a USB port that caters for phone charging. And this is enabled by the fact that the stove is able to convert heat into electricity and then one can charge a phone via the USB port.

Such innovations are increasingly becoming important and vital for the changing world we are currently in where we are faced with the threat of global warming. Creating a smokeless stove goes a long way in creating the chance for people to care about the planet.

Max Chinnah possesses a degree in Computer Science, but what greatly inspired him to invent the smokeless stove was his life-changing experience at the Clinton Global Initiative conference held in Miami, USA. The entrepreneurial drive within him was wildly stimulated and he developed a huge commitment to change people’s lives. 

The stove currently exists in prototypes. Max Chinnah has an upbeat and optimistic attitude towards his project. He said, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to convince anyone with any sense that we need to do something about climate change. If you get out of your bubble you can see the effects of climate change in our world.” 

“There’s a whole graveyard of ideas that don’t come to success not because they weren’t good ideas or because they weren’t innovative enough, but because they weren’t put in front of the right people.”

Header image credit  – Hope For Nigeria

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