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Nigerian startup WRNG is revolutionizing wedding gifting

The Nigerian wedding industry is a multi-million space that can benefit from an infusion of technology like Wedding Registry

Nigerian startup WRNG started in 2019 and has already made a name for itself as the company that will revolutionize the country’s robust wedding industry.

Wedding Registry NG is an e-commerce platform started by Iwendi and Daisy Okwa. The startup provides for a gift-giving platform through which couples can communicate what they prefer to be gifted before the wedding day.

The platform was born out of a realization that “several challenges existed in the wedding gifting space,” WRNG wrote in s statement shared with Tech In Africa. Some of the most pressing issues and which affect a wedding’s overall success include guests not knowing what gifts to buy for the couple, inconveniences when it comes to choosing gifts, and more disturbingly, the sheer number of times guests bring duplicate gifts.

Wedding Registry NG uses the latest technology on their platform to ensure these challenges do not ruin the special day or thereafter for couples when they open gift boxes only to realize half are of the same item.

Couples will first visit Wedding Registry to provide their wedding details, before adding a list of their preferred gifts. Once the inventory has been created, the couple can share the generated link with guests.

Using their Wedding Registry Souvenir Management Service, which incorporates the latest technology, WRNG notifies guests about gifts ordered and thus not only organizes the whole gifting but also removes chances of duplication.

The startup works in collaboration with Spar and Game, two non-online partners that offer “clients thousands of gift options a possibility“.

According to the TNS global group, the Nigerian wedding industry accounted for close to $12 billion in 2019, with a couple spending on average $10,000 per wedding.

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