Rusumo hydroelectric power project in Tanzania 59% complete

The construction of Rusumo Hydroelectric Power Station to generate 80MW has now reached 59% compared to 32% in June last year. The revelations were made by the outgoing chairman of Energy Ministers from Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda, Tanzanian Minister for Energy, Dr Medard Kalemani, while briefing the media on the 11th meeting of ministers. “After inspection, my fellow energy ministers and I were satisfied with the construction progress,” said the minister.
Rusumo Power Station
Rusumo Hydroelectric Power Station, also known as Rusumo Power Station, is a hydropower plant project, which involves the construction of a dam shared by Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Dr Kalemani noted that a team of ministers from the three East African countries – Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi – rejected the contractor’s request to extend the project period. “We have directed the contractor and a team of supervisors to complete the project in February this year,” he said.

Dr Kalemani mentioned that the contractor’s reasons for extension of time was due to complaints from residents near the project site. He said Rusumo residents had lodged complaints with the contractor over blasts while implementing the project, so proper assessment need to be done. He noted that they directed the contractor to submit the request to the team of ministers with clear reasons for time extension and that compensation should start for the residents to relocate and pave way for project implementation.

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