South Africa’s Falken Tires New Mileage Warranty to Better Protect Drivers

Falken Tires South Africa has announced the launch of their Mileage Warranty which is available on purchase of the WILDPEAK AT3WA (Original Equipment on the Mercedes G Wagon) and the ZIEX ZE914EC. The FALKEN MILEAGE WARRANTY is issued by Stamford Tires Africa PTY LTD on Falken branded products only. (Stamford Tires is the distributor of Falken Tires in South Africa)

The Japanese brand says its new Mileage Warranty aims to protect drivers against premature tread wear, guaranteeing a specified mileage for tire use before they wear out. The warranty is Free of Charge and it is available to customers who purchase 4 or more tires from any participating dealer.

“One of our main goals is to add value to our customers’ experiences. In our efforts to grow the Falken Brand in South Africa, we understand that it is also important to improve drivers’ road safety while maximizing tire life, says Stamford Tires GM, José Romero. We are excited to offer our customers the Mileage Warranty and we are confident that our products will deliver on their promise. We want our customers to enjoy the maximum mileage that we offer on Falken Tires”, he added.

Falken Tires has developed a simple and user-friendly portal that will help customers to register for their Mileage Warranty and also update any maintenance done on the tires. “We too, are customers on the flip side of the coin, and we understand that it can be frustrating to have to register for after-sales benefits of a product, be it insurance or grocery points. As such, we have made our registration process pain-free and easy for our customers”, says José.  

To qualify, customers must purchase four (4) of any of the specified Falken Tires, and have the wheel alignment and balancing done at the same time at any tire dealer who has an account with Stamford Tires Africa. The registered owner of the vehicle (who must also be the purchaser of the tires) is required to register the Mileage Warranty on the portal within 7 days of purchase. To maintain the warranty, tires must be rotated, balanced, and aligned after fitment at a Stamford Tyres registered tire dealer.

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