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Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow  the progress of (or prevent )dementia.No matter how much stress you have at work, in your personal relationship, or other issues faced in life, it  all just disappears when you lose yourself in a great story. Well written novel can transport you into other realms, while an engaging article will distract you and keep you in the present moment, letting tension drain away and allowing you to relax.

One of the approach to ensure that our brain remain stimulated is by adopting the concept of A BOOK BOX, a non-profit project. It’s a new concept, the backcrossing born in the United States in 2001 from the American Ron Horn baker whose goal is the sharing and free circulation of books already read.  The idea meets a great success in France and all over the world. Buying into this idea will create an atmosphere where people will have so much fun at the same time gain more knowledge while studying.

Some of us dream of being an author of a bestseller and our work winning so many awards but to put words into action and achieve this ideal, one has to create the conditions which among others includes reading more and reducing your spending so much that you will have enough money, reinvest it in books and a new lifestyle: staying away from all distractions and other activities that could distract you from your goal. The objective: getting abreast from the great classics as well as contemporary authors.   African and European authors of all categories. As a of result of reinvesting into books, the volume of books at home will increase considerably and this will help you kill a bird with two stones: you will not only have acquired new and helpful knowledge towards starting your work, you will have enough books to go around others who will come to your home to partake in the book box activities.

The book box simply put is a shelve filled with different books and the idea behind it is that anyone in your neighborhood who is interested in gaining new knowledge can come around on any day of the host choice and read, share ideas and get acquainted with each other.Kids are the main focus for this concept because they will be guided into acquiring new knowledge at any early stage and this will help kids have a stronger foundation and at the same time proper attention will be paid to their academic needs .Children have difficulty expressing themselves correctly and making small reports of the books they read.

So questions like, were they intimidated by the change of setting? Were they under stress? Are they unfamiliar with public speaking techniques? Will be addressed through activities such as drama, singing… during the workshops.

The book box idea encourages members to purchase new books or bring any books lying around on their shelves or anywhere else for new readers to enjoy them. That way, there will always be new books for everyone to enjoy. The instruction is to offer only clean books in good condition (Torn, stained, yellowed or dusty books are not conducive for reading).

Behind the “book box” idea is an opportunity that avails anyone interested, time to share their experiences and summaries around the book they are reading. What drives this idea is the knowledge that our true revolution and emergence will inevitably happen with the multitude of adult thinkers that this country will have because thinkers are born only with a book in their hands. You cannot know beyond the knowledge that you have and this is why it’s important that at every time of your life, you commit into gathering new knowledge having in mind that no knowledge is a waste. Most times, the knowledge acquired might be just what you need to deal with certain situations.

The satisfaction in this concept is that since February 2019, the date of its installation in a neighborhood in Riviera3, small miracles have been taking place day after day. Till this day, our desire to pursue this non-profit project remains the enthusiasm of our children. There are regularly twenty of them who want to adopt the book…workshop after workshop.

In May 25th, 2019 there are now 11 young readers at #NotreBoiteALivres for 3 volunteers. Things are going excellently well and it’s not getting any worse and many volunteers are beginning to spring up for this cause

The first outing was hosted at the family home of one of the volunteers in June 9th, 2019 and the children were all excited.

 Do you have any other tips to help our children express themselves better and assert themselves? We remain open to all proposals.

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