Turkish Agency Establishes Agricultural Land Infrastructure in Kenya

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built a drilling well and established agricultural land infrastructure in the Wajir-Eldas region of Kenya to provide access to water for both the people of the region and for the agricultural land of approximately 28 hectares.

Within the scope of the project, water tanks with a capacity of 50,000 liters, drip irrigation infrastructure, a solar-powered pump system were installed. In addition, a wire fence was built to protect the drilling well and agricultural lands from wild animals.

With this project, agricultural lands were able to irrigate and thus, the production of various fruits and vegetables that are suitable for the region was made possible. It is aimed to increase agricultural production and to directly contribute to the livelihood of 60 female farmers living in the region by providing irrigation facilities for the agricultural lands aforementioned.

Women will be able to earn income by selling the agricultural products they produce, and hundreds of residents will also have access to clean drinking water.

Representatives of women’s groups expressed their gratitudes to the Turkish people and TİKA about the project, and also stated that the project has been very beneficial for them and crucial for their livelihoods.

In his speech, Bulle Mohamed, President of Adan Kenyan Foundation stated that they are very happy with how the project was carried out, and that they see the project as an extremely critical investment for the region. Mohamed also added that they would like to carry out a sustainable project together with TİKA by fulfilling all their responsibilities regarding the management, training, seed and seedling support of the Project.

Eyüp Yavuz Ümütlü, TİKA’s Coordinator in Nairobi, stressed that the sustainability aspect of the project is more important than the execution of it. He stated that the project was a gift from the Turkish people to the people of the region, and it was implemented by providing the necessary infrastructure support and was transferred to the project partner Adan Kenyan Foundation. 

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