Unlocking the True Technology Potential of African Countries

To ensure continuous development, technology potential of various countries in Africa must be nurtured and unlocked. This aligns with the continent’s concerted goal in becoming the next tech hub; considering numerous startups and tech firms have started to emerge and slowly tackle society’s main issues. Recently, collaborative research has been conducted between the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and The Fletcher School at Tufts University—highlighting the strengths and opportunities of six major countries in Africa in terms of technology growth and its role of supporting the overall sustainability of the sector.

Focused in the research (funded by Mastercard Impact Fund) are the countries Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Africa in accelerating the digital inclusion impact on the continent. The report, which was initially strategized to help countries across Africa optimize their burgeoning digital evolutions, was also aimed to bolster future long-term notions such as economic growth.

Understanding the Role of Technology in Promoting Inclusive Growth in Africa via

African Leapfrog Index—the name of the collaborative research—has regarded Kenya as the country with the most significant changes over the past decade, effectively defeating all other African countries in terms of digitalization advancement. With over eighty-per cent (and counting) internet penetration, Kenya serves as a sustainable future framework for digital change in various scenes. Moreover, many unspoken potentials are yet to come to the region, with most of them ranging to boost the macroeconomy within technology-based jobs like online freelance, ridesharing, and in e-commerce.

Aside from Kenya, five other countries have been highlighted in their own special characteristics. The research will also be able to help future stakeholders, developers, and investors in recognizing the true potential of the tech scene in Africa. This means underlining the strengths and weaknesses of every country, as well as the appropriate intervention methods to be undertaken via government policies.


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