American Embassy Reaffirms Support for U.S.–Africa Business Relations

DOWNTOWN AFRICA – The American Embassy in Nigeria has reaffirmed its government’s commitment to promoting business relations between the United States and Africa.  This commitment was evident during the contract signing ceremony between a Nigerian company, Firstgate Energy Limited, and an American company, Ventana Tek, LLC, on February 27, 2020.

From L to R: Attorney Menes, Hon. D. Ebanks, S. Clayton (U.S. Embassy Economic Officer), R. Michaels (U.S. Embassy Economic Counselor), Barrister Chinonye, J. Thomas, K. Asogwa, and Hon. U. Nwaokoro)

Ventana Tek is an American power company based in Utah and prides itself with manufacturing “the most efficient small wind turbine on the market.”  The company’s wind turbines generate renewable, green energy to provide off-grid electricity to residential/commercial buildings and factories.  Firstgate Energy Limited is a solution-focused Nigerian company with the vision of providing real solutions to the constant electricity problems plaguing Africa. 

At a ceremony that was witnessed by the Counselor for Economic Affairs of the Embassy of the United States in Nigeria, Firstgate signed a contract to become Ventana Tek’s latest distributor, after years of negotiations.  Speaking during the ceremony, the U.S. Embassy’s Economic Affairs Counselor, Mr. Richard Michaels, reaffirmed the Trump Administration’s interest and commitment towards supporting bilateral business relations between the United States and Africa.  He stated that the United States is now more committed than ever to encouraging and promoting business deals involving African and United States companies.  According to him, the United States is not only focused on increasing the number of American companies coming into Africa, but also on providing African businesses more access to American markets and business opportunities.

Attorney Menes (right) explaining a point during the contract signing ceremony

In his remarks, the President of Firstgate Energy, Mr. Kelvin Iyke Asogwa, restated his company’s commitment to resolving electricity problems, not only in Nigeria but also in all of Africa.  He explained that his company decided to bring Ventana Tek’s products into Nigeria after many years of research and evaluations to determine the best and reasonably priced solution to Nigeria’s electricity problems.  He also noted that, based on the high quality and performance standards of Ventana Tek’s products, all business and residential buildings in Nigeria will be able to enjoy continued access to stable electricity supply.  Mr. Asogwa was joined at the ceremony by two of his company’s directors, Hon. Dorn Ebanks, a Honduran citizen and a former mayor of the city of Roatan in Honduras, and Hon. Ugochukwu Nwaokoro, a Nigerian-American citizen and Deputy Mayor of the city of Newark, U.S.A.

In his own remarks, Mr. John Thomas, the President of Ventana Tek thanked Firstgate Energy and all Nigerians for the hospitality shown to his team during their visit to the country.  He stated that his company has very strict procedures for appointing distributors and that Firstgate Energy is one of the few companies in Africa that has met meet those procedures by demonstrating sufficient capacity and seriousness.  He assured all that Ventana Tek will provide the support required to make sure that Nigerians enjoy the excellent products and services that will be available through Firstgate Energy. 

Attorney N. Jude Menes, the Nigerian-American President of Menes Konsult Limited, who represents the parties expressed satisfaction that the signing ceremony went hitch-free.  He stated that he is especially happy that Ventana Tek will now be counted as one of the American companies doing business in Nigeria.  He noted that his firm was formed through collaborative efforts of African professionals in the United States to assist foreign companies and investors in navigating the unique challenges of doing business in Africa.  The firm has offices in the United States and various African countries.

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