Canon Offer Photojournalists Hands-on Trial at WRC Safari Rally Safari 2021

Aligning with the company’s persistent effort and endeavor to deliver best-in-class products, service and solutions, Canon EMEA extended its support to the World Rally Championship Safari Rally 2021 by rendering Canon Professional Services (CPS) at the event. Driven by total commitment to its customers, the company aimed at provisioning industry professionals and photojournalists at the event through its hands-on service booth.

The event that lasted from 24th June to 27th June 2021 served as an outstanding opportunity for photojournalists across the nation to indulge in breathtaking photography with challenging closed dirt roads, spectacular picture-postcard backgrounds and exotic wildlife. Recognizing the needs of the 100 photojournalists that took part in the event, the company set up its CPS to provide inspection, cleaning services along with simple cosmetic repairs given the high probability of dust and damage accumulation post a dirt rally like the WRC Safari Rally 2021. This enabled the journalists to get their gear examined, thoroughly cleaned and to repair any of the small damages that may have occurred due to the dry and dusty weather conditions at the Rally. Going one step ahead in bringing world-beating innovation across the full imaging workflow, Canon provided a lucrative opportunity to the journalists to loan high-end Canon equipment for the event.

Applauding the success of the event and the photojournalists, Amine Djouahra, Director of Sales and Marketing – Canon Central & North Africa remarked, “As a company, not only do we care about providing a great product to our consumers but also to ensure that is working efficiently and optimally. Canon Professional Services is where we go above and beyond in making sure that the right level of support is provided to our consumers at every step. It is in fact the most important aspect of our corporate strategy where we follow our consumer’s journey with them. The health of your camera with consistent check-ups and cleaning could mean a world of difference to a professional photographer, it’s the difference between a good shot and an exceptional one. Being an industry leader, we want to push the boundaries in the level of service and support we provide, it is imperative for us to be strategically located to provide this kind of support, thus we are constantly on the lookout to explore more opportunities in Africa given the enormous amount of talent that we have witnessed just in the past decade from various countries across the continent.”

Not only did this offer the photojournalists a hands-on trial of some of the best gear available on the market for fast-action photography but also ensured the event was made memorable with stunning images captured with the aid of Canon’s Pro Photo series. The Pro Photo series from Canon includes EOS 1DxMK/ 1DxMKII and 1DxMKIII and EF400mm/f2.8L IS USM, EF300mm/f2.8L IS USM, EF70-200mm/f2.8L IS USM, EF16-35mm/f2.8L IS USM. With its no-compromise approach to imaging progress together with optical excellence, research and development investment, the event served as a great opportunity for the company to receive critical feedback from industry professionals. This facility also enabled the organizers and international photojournalists to realize that the much-in-demand Canon Professional Services are also now available in Africa thus fortifying the company’s R&D efforts in this part of the globe. Furthermore, one-on-one coaching initiative was also set up by Canon in a pursuit to push boundaries in supporting photojournalists who wish to further enhance their skills and be part of the Canon universe.

Stanford, a photojournalist from Standard media, who was part of the event commented, “The entire CPS experience from Canon was unlike anything I ever experienced before, it not only gave us the opportunity to try some really great quality camera gear but also provided us with support when needed. I got my gear checked and cleaned everyday which is really key to good photography at such type of events given the constant exposure to dust and debris.”

Another sports and travel photographer Marv highly praised the CPS by Canon as it gave him the opportunity to try his hands on the illustrious 400mm lens for the first time in his life, resulting in incredible imagery. While the Nation media group sports editor – Elias Makori remarked, “Being the world-leader in optical imaging solutions, Canon is putting the right foot forward by setting an incredible example of supporting Africa, its communities and people at every stage. These efforts by the company go a long way to show its commitment towards driving growth and innovation sustainably and equally around the world. With such kind of encouragement, people across Kenya can share their beautiful stories and put them across the world-stage.”

Leading the way in developing the industry’s most advanced optical equipment thereby opening up a wide range of potential applications across the industry, Canon’s CPS initiative at the WRC Safari Rally 2021 were lauded and admired by accredited photojournalists, industry professionals and audiences alike. Amassing great success with industry collaboration at this event, the company now has its eyes set on the upcoming under 20 Athletics Championship in August in Kenya to replicate the CPS triumph.

FIA Media delegate – Miguel Fonseca said, “This CPS set-up in Kenya reminds of my experience in the WRC rally in Portugal, it was a similar set up by Canon there and I am so impressed that the same is being simulated here giving our Kenyan people the very same opportunity as that across the globe. It is a brilliant initiative by Canon to bridge the gap between the product and its consumers as they get a first-hand experience at such events. Getting my own gear cleaned and checked by Canon was a real help, I hope to see more of such set-ups by Canon across different events in Kenya.”

Enthralled by the Canon Professional Services accomplishments at the WRC Safari Rally 2021 in Kenya, Kenneth Waswa of Uganda Media Association hinted on duplicating the same in Uganda for upcoming events.  Redefining the market and leading by example, Canon EMEA is looking forward to fortifying its position in the African market by providing global-scale opportunities to the people, empowering communities and refining the local talent.

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