Frontier Energy’s Summit Will Highlight Attracting Investment Back into Africa

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) both fully supports and endorses Frontier Energy Network at its upcoming, highly anticipated Africa E&P Summit. As a member-oriented company responsible for organizing leading summits, energy events, and networking platforms, and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to African oil and gas, Frontier Energy has made notable progress in enhancing Africa-directed investment channels, providing a suitable platform for engagement, collaboration, and progress.

Africa’s sizeable resource base requires significant levels of investment, as well as multilateral participation and collaboration, in order for the continent to ensure a sustainable, mutually beneficial energy transformation. Led by CEO Gayle Meikle, Frontier Energy has been able to accelerate investment in Africa’s energy sector, with members united in both an extensive, and goal-oriented community.

Meikle has been instrumental in driving successful energy events, with the company’s upcoming Africa E&P Summit anticipated to “generate tangible value by providing an exclusive platform where doors are opened, relationships built, information exchanged and where deal are forged.” The AEC proudly supports companies such as Frontier, who are committed to African people and African energy, providing platforms by which African voices are not only heard in, but lead global dialogue.

“The oil and gas industry is incredibly important for Africa’s socio-economic future. With significant resources awaiting investment and exploitation across the continent, companies such as Frontier Energy, led by industry leaders such as Gayle Meikle, will be the key drivers of Africa-directed capital and associated, accelerated energy growth. The AEC fully supports and endorses the upcoming Africa E&P Summit and Exhibition. By providing a platform where African voices can be heard, particularly in the oil and gas industry, Gayle Meikle and Frontier Energy are driving Africa’s oil and gas future,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

Frontier Energy Network represents the future of African energy and dialogue, and is a valuable partner for Africa’s energy growth. By hosting collaborative events, with a primary focus on Africa’s energy sector, Frontier both promotes and redirects critical investment to African oil and gas developments. Recognizing the value of oil and gas for Africa’s energy and economic future, as well as global-African partnerships and cooperation, the company aims to provide a platform for dialogue, with the aim of accelerating investments and developments across the African continent.

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