Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry (AMEN) and his team paid a visit to the Abuja, Nigeria, office of the American project-funding firm, Menes Konsult, on February 25, 2020.  The Catholic priest, who is the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Southeast Nigeria, is widely known in Africa for his prophesies, as well as his ministry that is committed to uplifting people spiritually.  It will be recalled that at the beginning of 2020, Fr. Mbaka made more than thirty divine prophetic pronouncements, some of which have already been fulfilled.  

It was gathered that Fr. Mbaka’s visit to Menes Konsult in Abuja was intended to discuss arrangements to fund his plans to empower millions of Africans through his proposed job-creating and poverty-alleviating ventures.  According to information available, the priest intends to set up mechanized farming and food processing operations that will alleviate hunger and provide jobs to millions of people.  The operations are being established in partnership with Mexican and Brazilian nationals and will be located on 10,000 hectares farming and industrial park.  The park, which will comprise of farmland and facilities for production of fish, chickens, and other agricultural products, will also have full-service food processing and packaging facilities including canning operations and other factories required to prepare the products from the farming stage and all the way to the end users.  In addition, the park will comprise of residential buildings, offices, retail stores, police station, church, schools, hospital and other amenities that are necessary for a self-sustaining community.  It was further gathered that the proposed park will come at a cost of about five hundred million dollars ((US)$500 million).

Fr. Ejike Mbaka (right) and Attorney N. Jude Menes (left) at the Abuja (Nigeria) offices of Menes Konsult Limited and Europlaw Group Limited

Speaking during his visit, Fr. Mbaka stated that he decided to embark on this project because he recognized the need to not only uplift all children of God spiritually, but also to provide them those material things they need to live a better life in this world.  He remarked that when completed, the project will benefit millions of people regardless of their national origin, religion, race, or gender.  He commented it is necessary to ensure that all children of God benefit from the project because God does not discriminate in showering His blessings on mankind.  He expressed gratitude that the firm of Menes Konsult has agreed to assist him in accessing funding for the project.    

Speaking during the visit, Attorney N. Jude Menes, the President of Menes Konsult, thanked Fr. Mbaka for having confidence in his firm’s ability to assist him with funding his project.  He stated that all members of his team both in Africa and other parts of the world will give priority to this project because it will effectively change lives.  He disclosed that more details about the project will soon be made public.

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