Türkiye “Turkey” Carried Out 1884 Projects in Last Five Years in Africa

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency carried out 1884 projects in Africa, where it opened its first office in 2005. TİKA has 22 offices in Africa, and it has carried out projects in many fields such as health, agriculture, and husbandry in the continent. A total of 1884 projects were implemented from 2017-to 2022. TİKA opened its first office in Ethiopia in 2005, and in the seventeen years that have passed since then, it has spread its operations to 54 African countries. Lately, TİKA signed a cooperation agreement with African Union. TİKA supports many projects aimed at the development of Africa and invests particularly in healthcare to support the development, welfare, and peace in the continent. In the last five years, TİKA realized 228 health projects to support maternal and infant health. Of the projects carried out by TİKA, Libya Physiotherapy Hospital, Somalia Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Hospital, and Niger-Türkiye Friendship Hospital come to the forefront. TİKA supported the health sector in Africa during the pandemics, and between 2017 and 2022, it finalized 65 projects.

210 Projects in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fishery, and Forestry

TİKA carries out projects to support the infrastructures of healthcare institutions in African countries, provides health institutions with medical devices, and offers training to health workers. Educational projects, which cover professional and technical training, aim to increase the standards of educational institutions.

267 education projects were carried out in the last 5 years to support professional training, which is a need in African countries, and 204 projects were conceived to strengthen the administrative and civilian infrastructure of the African countries. Türkiye transfers its expertise and experiences in many fields to Africa, especially to reduce poverty. Agriculture and animal husbandry, which are two vital sectors of Africa, are also supported. TİKA runs support programs aimed at farmers to reduce poverty in agriculture, ensure food security and increase the income of the poor. In the last 5 years, TİKA finalized 210 projects in agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, and fishery and 144 projects in food aid and food security.

32 Projects For Clean Water

Clean water and sanitation are among the most urgent problems on the continent, and TİKA attaches importance to the projects in this field. Accordingly, it has developed projects to provide potable water and install water treatment plants. Thus, it contributes to the efforts to improve the living conditions in Africa. In this scope, 32 projects have been conceived, and 6 environmental protection projects were set up. TİKA supports Africa in the fight against climate change, one of the most important problems in the world and Africa. Thus, it carries out environmentally friendly projects on the continent. TİKA gives weight also to the projects that aim to protect Africa’s cultural heritage. In this scope, it has funded many projects to revive restoration and tourism in the continent. For instance, it restored the Keçiova Mosque in Algeria, Ali Dinar House in Sudan, Necaşi Mausoleum in Ethiopia, and Ottoman Consulate in Harar in Ethiopia.

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