United States Collaborates with Tanzania on Youth Prosperity and Self-reliance


Dr. Donald Wright, U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania


The United States has affirmed its commitment to continue collaborating with Tanzania to support the youth to advance the country’s long-term prosperity and self-reliance. The Ambassador of the United States to Tanzania, Dr. Donald Wright, disclosed this in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday at a reception to commemorate 60 years since the US Agency for International Development (USAID) was founded.

According to him, for six decades, USAID has built its reputation as a world leader in international development by partnering with countries around the world including Tanzania to strengthen communities and improve lives. “Today, the agency is working closely with Tanzanian people, businesses, civil society organizations and the government to support the youth to advance the country’s long-term prosperity and self-reliance,” said Dr. Wright.

He remarked that: “While we strive for a self-reliant Tanzania, no country is an island and we must all work together. As our world becomes more connected, we face new, 21st century challenges, such as climate change, digital technology threats, and emerging diseases.” The Ambassador added that: “These issues can only be dealt with through collaboration, cooperation, and mutual respect. That’s why we, the American people, and the U.S. government are committed to working hand in hand with our Tanzanian colleagues in government, civil society, and the private sector to tackle the challenges of today, for a better tomorrow.”

Dr. Wright disclosed that there is no better evidence of this mentality today than USAID and the government of Tanzania’s joint efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. “To date, USAID and the Department of State have provided more than 9,8 billion US Dollars to fight COVID-19 in more than 120 countries. “In Tanzania, the US government has donated more than 1,5 million vaccines and USAID has contributed over 25 million US Dollars to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated the Ambassador.

USAID Mission Director, Ms. Veeraya Somvongsiri pointed out that the United States and Tanzania have had a long partnership, which she was confident will continue for generations to come. “We believe strongly in helping countries around the world become more self-reliant. But, self-reliance isn’t an end unto itself. This world will only thrive through mutual support. Each nation can be its strongest when we help one another,” noted Ms. Somvongsiri. They expressed the US commitment to continue working closely with the government and people of Tanzania to improve lives and opportunities for people in both the two countries as it has been doing for the past 60 year.

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